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Weather Rock Campground

Legend of Weather Rock

Many centuries ago when the lands were wild and animals roamed free; a tribe of many warriors existed in this area. They depended on the Great Weather Rock! Each day the chief would go to the Great Rock for guidance on day’s hunting. From this information, he would either fish, hunt the mighty buffalo, or stay inside. His tribe prospered - Plenty Food!

Other tribes learned of this and became jealous and greedy. A great war was waged over the Great Weather Rock! This angered the Great Weather Rock and he sent strong winds, snow, blizzards, tornadoes, and torrential rains all at the same time. This flooded the land and all the greedy tribes perished.

When the sun came out and the water receded all that remained was the Great Weather Rock!

For centuries the Rock remained hidden until Hillbilly Rick discovered it and its great powers. Since then we have depended on the Great Weather Rock to forecast the immediate weather and to help guide the many travelers who camp here.

Like every good legend this one has a moral; It is:

Don’t be greedy, Share Your Weather Rock with others!!!!

weather rock